PS4 Rime Game

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PS4 Rime Game
PS4 Rime Game
PS4 Rime Game
PS4 Rime Game
PS4 Rime Game
PS4 Rime Game
PS4 Rime Game
PS4 Rime Game
PS4 Rime Game
PS4 Rime Game

About the GameA land of discovery stretches out before you. Explore the beautiful, yet rugged, world of RiME, a single-player puzzle adventure game releasing in May 2017.In RiME, you play as a young boy who has awakened on a mysterious island after a shipwreck. You see wild animals, long-forgotten ruins and a massive tower that beckons you to come closerArmed with your wits and a will to overcome—and the guidance of a helpful fox you must explore the enigmatic island and unlock its closely guarded secrets.


Discover the mysterious island at your own pace. Interactwith wildlife, search for hidden items or simply take in the sights and sounds.


Solve Puzzles

Make your way through the ancient ruins by solvingpuzzles with sound, light, perspective, platforming, and even timemanipulation.


Find Secrets

Dive deeper into the boy’s backstory by uncovering dozensof secrets and collectables.


Be Enchanted

Take in beautiful, Mediterranean-inspired terraincomplemented by the captivating music of David García Díaz.

Brand Playstation 4
Platform PlayStation 4
Other Platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch
Publisher Grey Box, Six Foot
Developer Tequila Works
Mode Single-player
Genre Puzzle
Region (Video) Format PAL
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