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The only complete warranty plan of the region.
This Extended Warranty Plan applies to the parts and labour with respect to the product stated on the Sharaf DG invoice for electrical and mechanical defects only. The Extended Warranty Plan extends the warranty for the period stated on the invoice commencing on the date of expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Buy an extended warranty and get product replacement guarantee on all your purchases

What is covered?

Product refers from authorized service centers carried out free of cost to its normal operating condition after it has suffered a covered failure.

This Extended Warranty Program covers the labour, parts and associated charges, including transportation costs toward repair and re-installation of the appliance on site, necessary to repair the product, subject to the exclusions listed as below.


Replacement guarantee for manufacturer defects during manufacturer’s warranty is subject to verification by authorized service centers. Software malfunctioning, accidental damages (such as drops, spills & liquid immersion) and defects arising out of natural calamities will not be covered under replacement. The verification process and transaction will take fifteen business days.


  1. Replacement will be only once during the manufacturer’s warranty period. However, extended warranty will be covered on the exchanged product.
  2. Incases of non stock availability only Gift Card to be issued.


  1. The benefits of this plan can be availed in Bahrain.
  2. During EW period, If the unit is beyond economical repair replacement/Gift Card will be issued. EW will be cancelled with Replacement/Gift Card.
  3. In case if the product is unrepairable, extended warranty will cover the cost of replacement of the product by replacing the product with similar product or through gift vouchers of the same value upon customer paying %14 of the original invoice value during the 1st year, %24 of the invoice value during the 2nd year and %34 of the invoice value for 3rd year, towards service charges.
  4. Customer will be charged %9 handling fee of the product value for products which will be replaced under extended warranty replacement guarantee scheme. (%9 from invoiced product value excluding instant redemptions at the time of purchase).

General Exclusions

  1. No liability is accepted towards losses which are covered under the electronics appliance manufacturer’s warranty.
  2. Loss or damage caused by wear and tear or normal deterioration.
  3. Any defect that is not initially covered by the manufacturer or supplier warranty.
  4. Routine maintenance, cleaning, lubrications, adjustments or alignments, overhaul, modification and de-scaling.
  5. Any defect caused as a result of improper usage, negligence, transit/transportation damage and willful misuse.
  6. Loss or damage caused by extraneous perils such as fire, explosion, flood, earthquake, accident, sand, water or other natural calamities, voltage fluctuations, theft, attempted theft, malicious damage and accidental damage.
  7. Reception or transmission problems resulting from external causes/perils.
  8. Video/audio heads, plugs, control knobs, connecting cords, remote control, cartridges, cabinets, smart cards, dust bags, air/water filters, fuses, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, related starters, attachments, cables, light covers, rain covers, belts, print heads, drums, batteries (in built and external), cables, adaptors and other consumables as applicable.
  9. Data/ hardware corruption arising due to computer virus infection.
  10. Modification/alteration of any sort made to circuitry, original design of the appliance.
  11. When the serial/model number of the set has been tampered with or removed.
  12. Any defect cause by usage of wrong power supply, voltage, video head cleaning, corrosion, rust or stains or any problem with supply of electricity, gas or water.
  13. Any appliance, which has been used for commercial or rental purposes.
  14. Should necessary spare parts for repair be subject to import restrictions of a country resulting in delay in repairs, there will be no liability on Sharaf DG store arising out of such delay.
  15. Appliances being recalled by the manufacturer.
  16. Claims arising from the failure to follow manufacturer’s instructions.
  17. Labour costs are not covered, if no fault is found in the appliance.
  18. Cosmetic damage including but not limited to damage to paintwork or dents or scratches.
  19. Costs due to rust, corrosion or water damage.
  20. Unauthorized repairs performed by third parties.
  21. Loss or damage to recording media, software or data, software defects or software generated problems.
  22. Any loss or damage to a person or property, direct, consequential or incidental damages arising from the use of or inability to use the appliance.

Additional Exclusions

I.T. Office Automation and Mobile Phones

  1. Software, including the operating system and software added to the appliance, third party software or the reloading software.
  2. Replaceable printer heads.
  3. Previously repaired by a non-approved service center or service agent including case changes and the like.
  4. Loss of stored data during the process of dismantling for repairs.

Tv, Home Theatre, Media Players And Home Appliances

  1. Air filters, evaporator coils, condenser coils, gas charging, circuit breakers, voltage stabilizers, scanners, remote controls, sheet metal parts, thermocol parts and all plastic parts.
  2. Incomplete installation or incorrect operation or incorrect voltage and excessive use and maintenance, cleaning or damage resulting from failure to perform normal maintenance as outlined in the owner’s manual.
  3. Any food or medicine loss due to product failure.
  4. Coverage is only provided on split and window air-conditioners up to 3-ton capacity.


  • Cancellations of this Extended Warranty Plan may be made by the purchaser within 7 days from the date of purchase for any reason upon the original Sharaf DG invoice at Sharaf DG Customer Care
  • What to do if your product breaks down?

    1. Customer must report the problem to Sharaf DG within seven days, failing which the replacement plan will not be applicable.
    2. Check the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure the controls are properly set.
    3. Ensure it isn’t something you can correct yourself such as scaling, a blockage or blown fuse.
    4. Bring the faulty product to nearest Sharaf DG store (Customer Care).
    5. Kindly retain a copy of the invoice and submit it at Sharaf DG when you bring the faulty product to the Sharaf DG store.
    6. Fraud: All benefits of this Extended Warranty Plan is lost if a fraudulent declaration or claim is made.
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